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Our offer contain standard equipments:

  • Nanofork NFSD750 : Telescopic fork full aluminum single deep
  • Nanofork NFDDT1300 : Telescopic fork full aluminum double deep with transfer
  • Mini gripper MG43 : Fast gripper for euro box 400×300 with plane sides
  • Mini gripper MG64 : Fast gripper for euro box 600×400 with plane sides
  • Fork ultra-light TFSD-UL : Telescopic fork ultra-light single deep
  • Fork ultra-light TFDD-UL : Telescopic fork ultra-light double deep
  • Fork TFSD-L : Telescopic fork light single deep
  • Fork TFSD-H : Telescopic fork heavy single deep
  • Fork TFDD-L : Telescopic fork light double deep
  • Fork TFDD-H : Telescopic fork heavy double deep
  • Nanoload : Combinational storage robot with NFSD750, MG43, MG64 ou TFSD-UL
  • Miniload : Combinational storage robot with NFSD750, MG43, MG64, TFSD-UL, NFDDT1300, TFDD-UL or TFSD-L
  • Transstockeur : Combinational storage robot with NFDDT1300, TFDD-UL, TFSD-L, TFSD-H, TFDD-L or TFDD-H


B SYSTEM’S is also:

  • The purposed turnkey technical solution to answer you specifications
  • The design of special cranes
  • Multi-row automatic storage cranes without transfer or referral floor
  • The complete repair or upgrade of storage installations
  • The maintenance of your automated équipements